About us


Panda Express Catering Ltd is an outdoor/event catering company. Our team consists of restaurant and take away entrepreneurs whom have been in the catering business for a long time.

There are vast experiences in the company in the fields of cooking, servicing and business management. We have all come together with one common goal of providing the best of service to our customers by serving foods of the highest standard and service that is friendly and honest.

Our expertise is there to eliminate the complexity and headache of event organization and produce a service that is simple and quality.

Our business

Panda Express Catering Ltd is a registered event caterer member of the Nationwide Caterers Association (NCASS).

For events of different sizes and purposes, we can offer either a pre-designed and well balanced menu or a custom made menu to suit the unique and personalised needs of different event organisers.

All members of the management team have gone through extensive training to ensure our business is to achieve the highest of standard in the market. Our training portfolios include the following

  • CIEH Level 3 award in supervising food safety in catering
  • CIEH Level 2 award in food safety in cateringNCASS_CMYK_800x423NCASS_Training_CMYK_800x423
  • NCASS sustainability in catering
  • NCASS health and safety in the catering industry
  • NCASS fire extinguisher essentials
  • NCASS first aid essentials
  • Level 2 HACCP training

We also have a comprehensive training policy for all new and current employees to ensure everyone in the company is fully aware of their responsibilities and obligations to the public, events and environment.

The company adapts and follows strict risk assessments designed by NCASS as below

  • Food safety risk assessment
  • Health and safety risk assessment
  • Cleaning risk assessment
  • Fire risk assessment

There is a comprehensive insurance coverage of public and employee liability in place for the peace and mind of organisers in the unlikely events of an accident.

Our trailer

Our mobile catering trailer has been custom decorated and equipped to suit our business need. The design of the trailer is to give a warm and welcoming feeling. All equipment inside and outside of the trailer are sourced specifically to achieve good working efficiency and ensure health and safety to the employees, public and venue.

All gas and electrical equipment on the trailer are installed and tested by accredited engineers. Valid test certificates are available upon request.

Each members of our team are fully trained to use all equipment correctly.

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